Jayacipta Alamsemesta

Towards Greener and Sustainable Living


PT. JAYACIPTA ALAMSEMESTA (Jatas), which was established in 2012, is a company engaged in the field of system integrators Listriik Solar Power Plant (SPP), the system float (Floating Cube) and the installation of the house of Environmentally Friendly (ENV Home). Until now Jatas has managed to build solar power (PV system) in some government buildings such as City Hall Jakarta and Jakarta Islamic School (STIKES PKP) ciracas – Indonesia and now again build PLTS (Hybrid Systems) in remote rural areas, Wamena, Papua.

Jatas also been working on the installation of Lighting Luminaries Public Roads Solar / Solar Street Light (SSL) and is currently carrying out the construction of villa on Mount Geulis.

As the number of construction of building and Mall in Indonesia, demand for solar power has increased significantly, both as energy and resource savings as well as investment value.

Our Vision

We have a high motivation to provide solutions, protect the environment together, to struggle to motivate and encourage people towards ecological footprint / lower ecological footprint. To involve the community created a green and clean environment. Jatas also provides consulting services, energy audits of electrical, strives to create a green environment in conceptualizing and building appropriate infrastructure for waste management, pollution prevention and resource conservation of energy. The most important thing in our business, we will keep all time encourage lifestyle to preserve nature.

Our Mission

The mission of Jatas are as follows:

  1. To facilitate the transformation of the energy system by accelerating renewable energy and energy efficient technologies.
  2. To reduce carbon emissions, improve energy security, renewable energy and to improve access for people in remote areas.
  3. Provide a number of end to end solutions that address the needs and problems of energy

Professionalism, dedication and customer satisfaction is the main goal of PT. JAYACIPTA ALAMSEMESTA. We were established to welcome the future for a better and greener environmental sustainability. In addition, we also aid government to save the Earth from the threat of global warming or global warming due to carbon dioxide emissions.