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Cimanggis Workshop PV System

Installed Capacity
Year Completed
Building Type
PV Technology
PV (Grid-Tied)
Cimanggis, Depok

Other than residential application, PV system is also very suitable for warehouse or offices. In this project, batteries are used to store the energy from the sun as per the above photos.

Solar modules are installed on the roof-top of the warehouse to absorb the Sun’s energy and convert it to electricity which can be used for the warehouse. During the day, the PV system supply power to the Warehouse and during the night, the main source of power will come from the battery.

However, if the battery is not enough to supply power, PLN will supplement the power to the warehouse. The use of PV system for this building has proven that we can save energy as during the day, power is supplied from the PV system and/or batteries.

We can save energy during the day and also this system provide back-up power when there is electricity shut down.