Jayacipta Alamsemesta

Towards Greener and Sustainable Living

HyM Solar – BSD City

Installed Capacity
Year Completed
Building Type
Residential Home
PV Technology
PV (Hybrid)
BSD City, Tangerang

Objective of the Owner to install this Hybrid PV System is to cut down on the fossil fuel energy used by using solar energy in anticipation of the constant rising cost of utility bills. The incoming power to this high-end residential home is 11,000VA and most of the energy used is during the night.

During the day, the house uses most of its energy from the PV System and during the night, the batteries will be able to supplement the energy for the home. However, if there is insufficient energy from the batteries, then PLN will complement the shortage. Hence, the house relies most of its energy from the solar energy, batteries and then only PLN.

JATAS is currently applying for the Owner, Net Metering whereby the excess energy from the PV System can be imported back to Utility and hence able to reduce the energy bill for the forthcoming month.