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Solar Street Light LED DC 36 Watt

Installed Capacity
LED 36 Watt (DC)
Year Completed
Building Type
Government School
PV Technology
PV (Stand Alone)
Ciracas - Jakarta Timur
Jakarta Local Government

The above photos are taken from Standalone System, Solar Streetlight (SSL) System installation at PKP Building. SSL replaces the conventional streetlights and has proven that SSL is highly efficient and does not need any power from the Utility Grid. The light used is 36 Watt (CREE) LED which has very high lumen output. The solar modules is used to convert the Sun’s energy during the day and this energy is stored in the batteries so that during the night, it will supply for the LED light.

For the light setting for “ON” dan “OFF” our product use only 1 unit remote control to control up to 100 lights.