Jayacipta Alamsemesta

Towards Greener and Sustainable Living

STIKES Jayakarta Building

Installed Capacity
56 kWp
Year Completed
Building Type
Government School
PV Technology
PV (Grid-Tied)
Ciracas, Jakarta Timur
Jakarta Local Government

The construction of this building by the Local Government of Jakarta was to support the increasing academic needs of the school. The DKI School began its construction in 2012 and half-way through its construction, the project was stopped temporarily, and in 2013, the project was continued and if the project is on track, the building will be completed in July 2014.

PV system is used in this building because the usage for the electricity is very high during the day and very low during the evening time. Therefore, the installed PV system is to reduce the energy consumption from the Grid Utilities during the day.